Jul 12, 2022

Fighting back against delays and cancellations

Jonathan Zurel, Global Communications Manager at Hola

From Revenge Travel to Travel Hell, this certainly is turning out to be a summer for the books. 

With thousands of flights being delayed or canceled, it’s safe to say that the joy that is supposed to come with the summer holidays is being eroded. With airports or airlines being understaffed and flights being overbooked, the scenes of mayhem at airports all over the world are incredibly disheartening.

Tech has a role to play in taking the edge off of stressful travel situations. If you’re queuing in the massive lines to check into your flight or your flight’s been delayed and you’re being made to spend hours on end at the airport, the Hola Browser can help. No matter where in the world you are, whether for your outbound or returning flight, you can access all your favorite content from back home. When we say we believe in a borderless internet, we mean it.

I think it’s fair to say that for those traveling with small kids, having access to the online entertainment that they love can make the difference between peace or epic tantrums - I’m pretty sure Peppa Pig or Dora have been great travel companions for a lot of us!

If the worst comes to worst and your flight gets canceled, Hola can make the best out of a bad situation by actually saving you money. The newest feature brought to you through the Hola Browser does the heavy lifting for you at the click of a button - so what does this mean? Did you know that depending on where you happen to be located, the prices you get shown for a flight can vary hugely? 

Hola’s latest feature checks multiple versions of your favorite flight booking websites and solves this for you - saving you money, and stress, in real-time. The Hola Browser will show you which flight search engines are covered,  then follow the prompts that appear on the top right corner of your tab. You can then watch the magic happen and see Hola find you the same flight, at a cheaper rate.

Here’s hoping we all manage to sidestep the airports’ and airlines’ mess and enjoy the summer holidays we’ve been looking forward to. From all of us at Hola, safe (stress free) travels and happy landings!

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